Rabbits are being sucked into plane engines in Ireland

Rabbits at Dublin Airport are being sucked into engines as planes taxi down runways.


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DUBLIN — Rabbits are being sucked up into plane engines as they taxi down runways at Ireland's Dublin Airport.
The Irish Post reported 11 rascally rabbits have been "ingested" by engines in 2019, while 44 hares have been rescued and relocated away from the airport.
Apparently, bunnies and high-performance plane engines don't pair well together and pose a greater risk than bird strikes.
According to the Irish Post, chopped-up rabbit gunks up the propellers and engine bits a lot more than birds.
The rabbit pieces attract more scavenging birds to the runways which then increases the likelihood of a bird strike.
Airport workers have been using flare guns and netting to keep the bunnies from bouncing into harm's way.
According to the report, the rabbits that are caught are released back into the wild by under the supervision of the National Parks and Wildlife Services.
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