PUBG mobile replaced by lame blood-free clone in China

China remains to be one of the world's innovating leaders in sucking all the fun out of life.


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CHINA — China is considered by those throughout the known universe to be at the very cutting edge of video gaming—by this, we mean they CUT all the fun out of video games.
The latest casualty according to Reuters is PUBG Mobile, which was unable to gain approval from the pinheads in the Chinese government to monetize the game.

According to Reuters, Tencent shut down its test version of PUBG Mobile on Wednesday.

PUBG Mobile is the smartphone version of the hit battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
According to Reuters, the game is being replaced by a Beijing-approved tactical shooter called Game for Peace.
In a post on Tencent's website, the company marketed the game as paying "tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country's airspace."
According to some comments over Weibo, the new pro-China game is also way less gory than PUBG Mobile.
According to a Reddit post, when you kill another player in the game, they wave back at you.
Aside from that massive change, Chinese players claim Game for Peace is pretty much a poor man's PUBG Mobile.
China's fun-loving government dropped some ridiculous mobile game rules in April.

According to Engadget, three types of games are now in virtual concentration camps: Mahjong and poker, games based on China's imperial past, and games that have bodies or blood—of any color.

The new not-anal-at-all regulations also require developers to give up information about a given title including detailed scripts and screenshots. Sounds fabulous.
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