Popeyes worker fired for bringing son to make chicken sandwiches

What ever happened to bring your son to work day?


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COLONY, TEXAS — Popeye's has been causing all types of commotion across the country as everyday Americans seem to be losing their minds all over a chicken sandwich.
According to Inside Edition, the demand has been so intense that one Texas father decided to enlist the help of his family—aka, his son.
It appears the man took bring your son into work day a bit too literally after a customer captured footage of the tiny worker wearing a Popeyes apron helping prepare chicken in the kitchen.
According to the customer, the Popeyes in question, located in the Dallas suburb of Colony, had a line out the door and was getting slammed with orders for the infamous chicken sandwich.
Unfortunately for the father, there are those pesky federal and state child labor laws that forbid minors from working.
Obviously those people working in the federal and state offices haven't tried the sandwich yet.

Too bad for the dad, he's now out of a job after the owner of the Popeyes franchise gave him the boot.
Hey, at least they weren't making the chicken sandwich on top of a garbage can.
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