Photos of drunk nude girl's body circulated online. Boy says "it wasn't me!”

A lesson to all you ladies out there: Don’t go to love hotels with a guy you just met at a some party while drunk.


NSFW    A 24 years old girl from Taiwan named Pepper, reported to the police that she had her nudes taken and posted online.

Two years ago, Pepper went to a party and got passed out drunk.
A guy named Lin from the party offered to take her home, but Lin ended up taking Pepper to a motel where dropped his pants and took advantage of her. And he filmed himself doing it.

Earlier this month Pepper started to receive nudes of herself from her friends, asking since when did she become a pornstar?

The police called in Lin for questionin; he admitted that he had film the video, but claimed he had deleted the video without sharing it with anyone.

The police believe person uploaded the video might have hacked into Lin’s phone and resurrected the deleted video, the police is still trying to pin down the person who did this.
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