Philly Spiderman climbs 15 floors to save mom from fire

West Philly's very own Spiderman went above and beyond just to rescue his mama — climbing up then down 15 stories in an attempt to save her from a burning building.


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PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia man went full-on Spiderman and climbed up 15 floors just to save his mama — despite having just busted his hip.

WPVI reports that on Thursday night, 35-year-old Jermaine got a call from his sister that there was a fire at their mom's high-rise apartment.

Most residents evacuated the building, but 65-year-old Sheila, who was bedridden, couldn't get out of her 15th floor flat.

A worried Jermaine rushed to the scene and tried to get in through the front door, but police wouldn't let him in.

So despite falling and cracking his hip earlier that day, he ran out back and began climbing up the building with a pair of wire cutters — buoyed by adrenaline and sheer determination, and fully intending to bust his mom out.

After arriving at his mother's balcony though, she told him she was okay, and that the fire was contained, so he just scaled back down the building. You know, as you do.

Despite being sure he'd be arrested as soon as he got back to solid ground, the cops were actually nice enough to let him go.

The firefighters eventually put out the flames, and except for four civilians and three firefighters who were treated for smoke inhalation, everyone made it out a-ok.

The video of Jermaine coming down the building is making the rounds online, and everyone and their mother is just slack jawed with amazement.

Might be a stretch to say he's now everyone's favorite superhero, but the man is definitely the frontrunner for Son of the Year.
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