Pee Wee football league bans kid for being too big


NSFW    Elijah Earnheart, a six-foot tall, 297-pound 12-year-old from Mesquite, Texas, has been banned from his Pee Wee Football league for being too big. The Pee Wee league has a rule that states any 7th grader exceeding 135 pounds can not play, but must play in the school league with older kids instead.

Earnheart's coach and mother are protesting the ruling because they say there are several other players in the Pee Wee league that exceed the weight limit. Eiijah wants to play with his friends and is concerned players in the school league have too much experience.

The problem is that Elijah's size and weight are similar to those of high school or even college players. Putting him in with kids a third of his size could be dangerous for those he plays against.

Rather than be upset, Elijah and his mother need to realize that kids across the country would kill for a football body like Elijah's. And anyways, playing with people that are more experienced and older is one of the best ways to get better. In the meantime, maybe Elijah and his mom should watch Blind Side?
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