Passengers stop subway train from hitting woman on tracks

The woman was accidentally knocked onto the track by another person that fainted on the platform.


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BUENOS AIRES — A woman came within meters of getting a bit too up close and personal with a subway train after she was accidentally knocked onto the tracks as it approached the station.
According to Newsweek, the incident occurred at Pueyrredón station in the northern part of the Argentine capital.
CCTV footage released by the police shows a man leaning against the wall, when he appears to lose consciousness and fall forward on the platform.
Video shows the passed out man knock into a woman walking by, sending her tumbling sideways onto the tracks.
She is then seen lying motionless as voltage running through the tracks is believed to have completely stunned the woman.
As the train approaches the station, dozens of passengers then frantically wave and lean over the platform to get the driver's attention.
According to La Nacion, train operator Roxana Elizabeth Flores told Argentine Telefe news station that she saw the people waving at her and then noticed someone on the tracks and pulled the emergency brake.
The train stopped just in the nick of time. Three men are then seen jumping down and getting the woman out of harm's way.
The woman was assisted by police before emergency services arrived. She was later diagnosed with a fractured skull.

Her husband told local media that she was a bit shaken up but doing well.
Buenos Aires Police questioned the man who caused the woman to take her spill, but he was released without charge.
The man was apparently on his way home from work after not feeling so hot.
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