Old man attacks wife after she catches him surfing dating sites


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A 76-year-old Palm Beach, Florida man shoved his 77-year-old wife to the ground, breaking her hip, after she slapped him across the face for browsing online dating sites on Saturday.

Sylvia Aronson accused her husband of 33 years of cheating after she caught him looking at dating sites on the Internet. The couple started arguing and Sylvia slapped Edward across the face hard enough to leave a red mark. In return for her assault, Edward pushed Sylvia and she fell to the ground, breaking her right hip.

The couple called for help and the Palm Beach Fire Rescue took them to Bethesda West Hospital for treatment. They didn’t mention anything about the fight, but a nurse, Lori Leisen, overheard Edward telling someone on the phone that Sylvia had accused him of cheating, he got angry and started yelling, then he pushed her.

The police were called in, and Edward freely confessed to what had happened, according to the police report. The police officer making the report noted that Edward had a red mark on the left side of his face, though Sylvia refused to make a statement.

Edward was reported to have told the police that “after 33 years of marriage, I can not believe it.”

Edward was charged with two felony counts of battering a person over the age of 65.

It is not known if Edward had indeed been cheating on his wife with floozies he might have picked up on the internet, or if such behavior might have been recurrent. Nor has it been reported if Edward suffered a history of physical abuse from Sylvia.
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