Obama and marijuana: 'POT-US' dope-smoking daze revealed


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President Obama wasn't just a marijuana smoker when he was in high school. He was a pot-smoking innovator, according to new biography Barack Obama: The Story, by biographer David Maraniss.

Obama was a member of a group of pot-smoking friends who called themselves the Choom Gang. "Choom" is a Hawaiian word for marijuana. Obama and the Choom Gang rode around in a VW bus called the Choomwagon, which they hot-boxed.

Obama believed in "total absorption," a term he invented. That meant no precious smoke should go to waste. Any person who wasted smoke would be assessed a penalty and miss their next turn when the joint was passed around. When Obama and his friends hot-boxed the Choomwagon, they would do "roof hits," another Obama-ism.

Obama, however, didn't play by all of the rules. He frequently "intercepted," or toked out of turn.
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