Nintendo's new joypad is a pokeball

Nintendo's gonna get all the dollaz this holiday season.


NSFW    TOKYO — Nintendo this week announced a new Switch Pokemon game that'll be released in November 2018 along with a Pokemon-themed controller.

According to Gamespot, the Pokeball Ball plus joy-con works pretty much like current joy-cons except you can mimic a throwing action at one in game.

Gamespot reports it'll light up, vibrate and even play sounds. And the best part, for Nintendo's coffers is that it'll be sold separately from the new Pokemon Let's Go games at launch. It'll be Pokemon Go compatible and also reportedly have the same features as the $35 Pokemon Go Plus device.

The new games, as we previously reported, will be based on 1999's Pokemon Yellow and feature Pikachu and Eevee editions. The wrist-worn plus device basically let Pokemon Go players pocket their devices and notifies them about nearby monsters.
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