Nigerian tugboat cook's miraculous undersea rescue video


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An amazing undersea rescue took place this past May off the coast of Nigeria. Now the video from the miraculous event has been released onto the internet, and it’s gone totally viral.
Harrison Okene, a cook aboard the JASCON-4 tugboat was the only survivor after his ship capsized 30 kilometers off the coast of Nigeria on May 26th. The crew of the tug was attempting to stabilize an oil tanker during rough weather. While this was going on, Okene was headed to the restroom.

Suddenly, the ship took a really bad wave and started to capsize. Okene bolts from the toilet back out into the hallway, and tries to escape, but it’s no use. As he was trying to use an escape ladder, a wall of water suddenly ripped through the now-sinking ship, washing his fellow crewmembers aside.

The ship soon sank into the murky depths. Miraculously, somehow Okene found an area in the bowels of the ship with a trapped air pocket. Using mattresses and whatever debris he could find, he stayed afloat in that area for two days.

“Then I heard a sound like anchor dropping again,” Okene said. “I also heard sound of paddling and divers’ craft moving around the boat. I heard a hammering sound from afar.” He sprang into action and banged as loud as he could against the ship. 30 minutes later Okene heard noises coming from a separate compartment. He jumped into the water and stretched his hands out, and touched the head of one of the salvage divers.

After spending 60 hours in the inky depths of the sea, Okene was saved.

The divers were initially expecting to be on a salvage mission, but when they heard Okene banging on the walls of the ship, it quickly turned into a rescue operation. Okene credits his survival to his faith in God, and quick thinking. When he heard the sounds of the diving crew banging on the sides of the ship, he hammered back, alerting them to his presence. The other 11 crew members all perished.
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