New Ancient Roman City Found Without Excavating

Researchers used a ground-penetrating radar to uncover the remains of Falerii Novi, an ancient Roman city.


NSFW    CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM — Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Ghent University in Belgium have discovered the remains of Falerii Novi, an ancient Roman city just 50 kilometers away from Rome that has been buried for roughly 13 centuries. Their research was published in the journal Antiquity.

The team of archaeologists discovered Falerii Novi by attaching a ground-penetrating radar or GPR to an all-terrain vehicle and then using it to map the buried city. A GPR sends radio pulses into the ground and then analyzes the waves that bounce off objects underground.

The resulting 3D images put together by the team showed that Falerii Novi had a theatre, a market, a bath complex and temples as well as shops, monuments and atrium houses.
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