Netflix urges people to stop hurting themselves Bird Boxing

Bird Boxing should only be attempted by trained professionals.


NSFW    'MURICA — The internet has taken a liking to Netflix's new horror-movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock.
According to Global News, in the movie Bullock's character Malorie is attempting to drag the little ones to a sanctuary at the end of some long river.

The catch is they have to be blindfolded the hole time when they make the arduous journey.
Enter fans of the movie, who are now filming themselves by doing everyday things blindfolded—well, at least they're trying to do things.
And thanks to the internet, we all now get to enjoy the Bird Boxing hilarity. Thankfully no one has been hurt yet while Bird Boxing—but just give it some time.
Of course, now that Netflix has gotten wind, it has urged viewers not to "hurt themselves" with a trip to the emergency room over a silly meme.
According to Netflix, Bird Box has already racked up more than 45 million views.
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