Mystery as 'hundreds' of birds found dead in the road

Hundreds of starlings have been found dead on a lane in Anglesey, North Wales.


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ANGLESEY, U.K. — Hundreds of starlings have been found lifeless on a lane in Anglesey, North Wales.

The 200 plus birds were spotted by Hannah Stevens on Tuesday afternoon when she was on her way to an appointment; she saw the flock flying in the sky, however, about an hour later she found the birds dead in the road with blood on their bodies.

She got on the phone and called her partner, Dafydd Edwards.

41-year-old Edwards told Sky News that when his partner first saw the birds, "they took off to the fields—and she thought, 'Oh, that was a large number of birds', and then on her way back she found them all dead in the road."

Mr. Edwards said, "It was very distressing—my gut instinct is that they have been poisoned, but we don't know."

His partner, Ms. Stevens reported seeing the birds eating something in the road.

The couple has since contacted the police and the Animal and Plant Health Agency who they say are looking into the incident.

RSPB Wales told Sky News: "We are concerned with what we have seen."
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