Muslim man shows off weapons outside Christian conference

Facebook live video of a Muslim man showing off his arsenal of weapons while parked outside a Christian conference has been making rounds online.


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SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA — A Muslim American has stirred up controversy after filming himself with a car full of weapons just outside a Christian conference in South Dakota.

CBS reports that Ehab Jaber crashed the Worldview Christian Conference on April 9 wearing a shirt that said ‘I am an American, I am a Muslim, I open carry and conceal carry, I am only dangerous if you are stupid.’ He livestreamed the event while holding a Quran until a security guard told him filming wasn’t allowed.

When asked his name, Jaber replied that he was the Muslim John Smith, and walked out.

Back in his car, he launched into a profanity-laced rant on Facebook live, complaining about the event. He challenged people to ‘be scared’ as he showed off his collection of weapons to the camera, pulling out handguns, assault rifles, and boxes of ammunition.

Jaber’s presence at the event, coupled with his video made the Christians attendees feel thoroughly threatened, and they reported the incident to police.

The cops questioned Jaber, but chose not to press charges, saying the man technically didn’t break any laws. Jaber claims he had no ill intent and was merely exercising his right to the Second Amendment.

Still, the Christians believe something bad could have happened to the 500 people in attendance if the ‘potential attack’ hadn’t been thwarted by the ‘hero’ security guard.
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