Musician plays guitar while getting brain surgery

The guy was filmed strumming away on his guitar while surgeons removed a brain tumor.


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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — A musician was filmed strumming away on his guitar while getting a brain tumor removed.
According to Reuters, South African jazz artist Musa Manzini underwent a six-hour surgery at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital.

Video shows him plucking away at his guitar, while a team of surgeons work their magic.

This let doctors observe which areas of the brain Manzini used to play music, letting them save those sections and also restore some finger movement, which was affected by the tumor.
According to Lad Bible, Dr. Basil Enicker, one of the surgeons, said 90 percent of the growth was taken out.
Manzini is now recovering and working on betting back up on the stage in front of his fans.
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