Monster mosquito found in Argentina

A young Argentinian man snapped a photo of an abnormally large mosquito-looking insect.


NSFW    CORDOBA, ARGENTINA — A young muchacho named Ezequiel Lobo from Cordoba, Argentina was just going about his day like any other young Argentinian would when he and his mother got a visit from what can only be described as a monster mosquito.

Lobo and his mom battled it out with the gigantic bug in the family's kitchen. The battle lasted until, in the words of Lobo himself, his mom then "panicked and attacked it with a can of Raid.

In a tweet, Lobo shared a photo of the enormous bugger and added, "This is either some sort of Chernobyl-mutation or I've just realized I am in Jumanji.

Well, Lobo, we're happy to say that lucky for you, you're wrong and wrong. Turns out this is not a murderous bloodsucking insect that's here to terminate humanity. On the contrary, it's a species of friendly bugs called assassin flies that eat other pesky insects like well... flies.

Lobo wasn't alone in his confusion though, many others in the Twitterverse replied with photos of their own encounters with assassin flies. And although they've been proven to be harmless for humans, they're still pretty darn scary to look at.

A user called @PatricioLupich took a video of his own murderous visitor and captioned it: "I crossed paths with this yesterday, I ended up sleeping outside." Yep. We would be setting up camp outside too, buddy.
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