Monica Lewinsky book details Clinton affair scandal


NSFW    What the Freak?

Monica Lewinsky is shopping around a "top secret" book rumored to reveal intimate details about her infamous affair scandal with former president Bill Clinton.

No specifics have been released, but friends of Lewinsky say the book will probably detail Bill Clinton's kinky sexual preferences, his fondness for threesomes, love of orgies and more. Cigar, anyone?

The Monica Lewinsky book will also include secret love letters written to Clinton that, until this point, Lewinsky felt were too intimate to release, even to Bill Clinton himself. Sounds like something a 16-year-old girl would do if you ask us.

Since the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, Monica has been falling further and further from the limelight, while Clinton seems to be growing in popularity. Early this week his speech was the highlight of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Lewinsky, soon to be 40, remains unmarried and childless, which she blames on her affair with Clinton. Although the book may not solve her love-life woes, it'll surely bring in a sh**load of money.
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