Mom at home with four kids shoots armed burglar dead

Armed burglar Michael Hawkins, 19, was shot dead when he broke into an apartment in Indianapolis.


NSFW    INDIANAPOLIS — A young burglar’s budding criminal career came to an abrupt end last week when he was shot dead by a mother protecting her home and some small children.

Four children aged 7 and under, including a newborn, were in the Indianapolis apartment last Tuesday afternoon when the mother heard someone breaking in during broad daylight, NBC affiliate WTHR reported.

Burglar Michael Hawkins, 19, was armed, but this would be his last job.

Finding Hawkins inside her apartment, the mother had no choice but to shoot him dead. Neighbors then saw two other men flee the scene.

The incident was the second fatal self-defense shooting of a teenage burglar in Indianapolis that day.

In the early hours of last Tuesday, 18-year-old bandit Derrick Johnson was shot dead by a homeowner in the city after breaking into a house.
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