Mistaken Identity: Woman accidentally cheats on husband with his friend


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The Australian Defence Force is dealing with yet another scandal. Fresh details are emerging in the case against Officer Cadet Paul Edward Buckley, 23, who is facing one charge of burglary with intent, and two charges of sexual intercourse without consent. Although Officer Cadet Paul Edward Buckley, 23, was arrested last April, new details are emerging as the case has gone to trial.

According to reports, the victim was sleeping on the couch in her Duntroon home in anticipation of her husband who was at a formal company dinner. She was woken by the front door opening and the sound of footsteps. She assumed it was her husband who had returned home, citing that Buckley has a similar build. Buckley then sidled up next to her on the couch where he began kissing and groping the woman. When Buckley and the woman moved on to other sexual acts, she began to feel something wasn’t right.

She realized his hair felt different, she couldn’t see his tattoo and he wasn’t responding in the way her husband typically did. When she asked if he was okay, Buckley spoke for the first time. It only took one syllable, “Yep” for her to realize he wasn’t her husband. The woman chased Buckley out of her home, catching a glimpse of him when she turned on a light. The shaken woman called triple-0 and told police she had been sexually assaulted by a man who she had believed was her husband.

In an even more sickening twist to the story, Buckley had broken into the home after a night out with the victim’s husband at their formal company dinner. Buckley even told the cadet that they should have a “spit roast,” meaning threesome, with his wife. Buckley committed the crime after being kicked out of the dinner for being too intoxicated.

The 24-year-old cadet now faces one charge of burglary with intent and two charges of sexual intercourse without consent.
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