Miracle on the Hudson...Again?!


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Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, the Hudson river plane crash hero may have to step aside for Michael Campbell, 22, who experienced his own miracle on the Hudson yesterday.

A Bell 206 helicopter, registered to New York Charter Helicopters, was forced to crash-land into the Hudson River near W 79th street after the power went out during a flight. Thanks to the skillful maneuvering of young pilot, Michael Campbell, the Swedish family of four on board were able to walk away from the crash.

The helicopter had only been in the air for about 12 minutes when the power went out. A family from Montreal, also visiting the Big Apple, was shocked to see the helicopter descending quickly toward the water. At first they thought it was some sort of training exercise, but when Campbell deployed pontoons, the family knew something was wrong.

"It was fast. At first we thought it was a normal landing but then it hit the water, with a big splash,” Sebastian Berthelet, told AM New York.

Sebastian and his stepson were the first ones on the scene and were able to pull out a shaken Campbell from the helicopter. Nearby boaters also came to the rescue. No one was injured.

Of course, Michael Campbell gave the obligatory, “I am not a hero,” statement, “Just doing my job.”
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