Michigan cop rescues toddler from oncoming dump truck

A brave police officer saved a child from the busy roadway seconds before a truck passed by the same area.


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ALCONA COUNTY, MICHIGAN — A cop in Michigan is being praised after rushing to save a 2-year-old child from a passing dump-truck, Fox News reports.

Sgt. Joseph Richards was on patrol when he noticed a child walking on the street.

Dash cam footage shows him quickly rushing over to the girl and picking up her up just as a red dump truck rushes past.

According to Michigan police, the truck driver tried to stop as soon as he saw the girl but didn't brake in time.

In a statement, police said, "If not for Sgt. Richards' quick action, this incident would have ended in tragedy."

The child's mom told the cops she had lost track of her daughter just before it all went down.

The lucky child was returned to her family, who lived across the busy roadway.
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