Mia Khalifa to get surgery after hockey puck busts implant

Former adult star Mia Khalifa will need surgery after a stray hockey puck hit her square in the left boob and ruptured one of her implants.


NSFW    WASHINGTON D.C. — Mia Khalifa needs to go under the knife after one of her implants got busted while watching this year's NHL run.

The American-Lebanese adult star turned sports presenter told the Daily Star had been cheering on her team at the Stanley Cup playoffs when the incident occurred.

A hockey puck was somehow sent flying towards the stands, shooting over the glass and catching the 25-year-old off guard.

The 170 gram rubber puck smashed right into her left melon and ruptured her implant, though Khalifa says on an Instagram post it was worth it since she got to take the souvenir puck home. Way to look on the bright side.

After the smash hit, Khalifa's left jug is now looking a bit deflated, so she's planning on surgery to get it fixed early next year.

She claims it's not the most painful thing to have happened to her— seeing her team lose once before was apparently way worse.

Well, guess the Washington Capitals coming out as the 2018 champions at least makes her busted bust more bearable.
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