Medical college student saves elderly man after he collapses

The second year college student missed her train to stay with the man until first aid arrived.


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JINZHOU / CHINA — A second year college student became a star on social media after saving an elderly man's life, and turning down the reward offered by her family.
A young Chinese medical student named Ding Hui recently became a social media star. As she was waiting for her train at Jinzhou south station, the second year university student heard people screaming for help. She quickly rushed toward the scene and discovered an elderly man on the floor.

She kept her cool, started performing CPR, and asked people to call emergency services.

Thanks to this good samaritan, the 81-year-old man regained consciousness. The local hero even missed her train, as she wanted to stay with the old man until first-aid arrived. When an ambulance finally arrived, the elderly man was taken to the hospital for safety.

Ding Hui later politely turned down the 300 dollars offered to her by the elderly man's family. According to her, she only did what any medical student in the same situation would have done, and therefore didn't feel like she deserved any particular reward.
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