Man watching adult videos on his phone falls off scooter, breaks penis

It’s no surprise Mr. Yu tumbled off the scooter since he wasn’t holding onto anything other than his phone and his…..


NSFW    You Idiot!

GUANGDONG, CHINA — A man identified by his last name, Yu, was hitching a ride on a taxi scooter. He was the last of three people squeezed onto the scooter’s seat and decided to entertain himself during the ride by watching some porn on his phone.

Unfortunately, since one hand was holding the phone and the other hand was…. we don’t actually know what the other hand was doing…. Anyway! The driver went over a bump and accidentally dumped Mr. Yu off the scooter.

Mr. Yu also injured his meat stick when he fell off and the driver rushed him to the hospital. Doctors told Mr. Yu that he’d broken his dick.

Since there isn’t actually any bone inside a penis, what happens when a penis ‘breaks’ is that the erectile tissues are crushed, causing severe bruising to the member.

Mr. Yu is suing the driver for USD $65,000 for breaking his manhood.

We think Mr. Yu needs to get a grip.
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