Man trying to spin tires crashes into BP station instead

He almost made a clean getaway.


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ORTONVILLE, MICHIGAN — A Michigan man trying to spin his tires on his pickup truck failed spectacularly while outside a BP gas station in Ortonville.
According to ABC 12, 24-year-old William Edmonds told the Oakland County Sheriff's Office that he was in the BP parking lot when he suddenly had an epiphany involving some spinning tires and his pickup doing a 180 degree turn.
Unfortunately, when his vision met reality, his truck instead went straight over the gas pump island and right into the convenience store.

Luckily no one got bent out of shape in the boneheaded incident, however that same couldn't be said for the store's interior.
Surveillance footage from inside the store shows Edmonds getting some papers out of his truck before ripping off his license plate. He then runs away on foot.
He would have made a clean getaway too if only it weren't for his truck, all the video cameras, and the fact that a gas station employee recognized Edmonds as a regular customer.
According to the worker, Edmonds bought a beer, cracked it open and then got into his high performance pickup before the crash.
Police arrested him 13 hours after the incident. He told authorities he was spinning his tires near the gas pumps because it was easy with his new tires. Apparently not that easy.
Edmonds has been charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. He was released on a $5,000 personal bond and ordered not to visit the BP station anymore.
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