Man survives falling 800 feet into Oregon's Crater Lake caldera

The man slipped on snow and took a short 800-foot tumble down into the caldera.


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CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK, OREGON — A man miraculously survived a short 800-foot tumble down into the Crater Lake caldera on Monday, authorities say.
Oregon Live reports that according to park officials, the man was at Crater Lake National Park with some coworkers near Rims Village.
A park spokeswoman said that man apparently jumped onto some snow, and that's when the super long slip 'n slide began.

The guy then slipped and kept sliding...and sliding...and sliding. WELL—you get the picture. The man finally came to a stop 800 feet into the caldera.
According to a park press release, the Coast Guard's North Bend Sector got a call around 3:47 p.m. about the fall.
According to Oregon Live, emergency rescue crews climbed down into the caldera, reached the man and walked him down to the shoreline.
That's where a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter was able to fly down and pick him up.

The Coast Guard chopper then landed in a nearby parking lot, so the man could be transferred to an AirLink Critical Care Transport helicopter. He was then flown to Bend for treatment.

Park officials say the man was able to get in and out of the helicopter basket on his own.

In May, the park warned visitors that rocks and snow near the edge of the caldera were unstable and could give way without warning. At least people are paying attention to the warnings.
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