Man smoking at gas station gets fire extinguisher to the face



NSFW    Justice is Served

HANGZHOU, CHINA — A really intelligent man who thought he'd start smoking at a gas station in Hangzhou last week was convinced to put it out by an attendant—and his handy fire extinguisher.
According to CTGN, surveillance cameras show Camel light up a cigarette as he starts to leave the pump.

As Newport stops at the gas station entrance continuing to puff away, an attendant comes over to tell him to stop smoking because apparently gas stations and fire we've been told don't mix well.

But like a champ, Marlboro Man refuses to put it out, so the attendant hilariously returns with a fire extinguisher and sprays it directly into Parliament's face.
Needless to say—the cigarette was put out, unfortunately Virginia Slims lit up with rage and tries throwing a punch only to get another big squirt of deja vu.
After the po po arrived, they treated Lucky Strike to a three day stint in the slammer.
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