Man rescued two days after falling into snake-filled mine shaft

A man in Arizona was rescued two days after plummeting down a deep mine shaft full of rattlesnakes.


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AGUILA. ARIZONA — An Arizona man is in good condition after being rescued from a mine shaft he was stuck in for two days.

ABC 15 reports that John Waddell had plummeted into the 100-foot deep shaft on Monday, after telling a friend he was going over there.

The 62-year-old broke both legs during the fall, and quickly realized he wasn't alone in the shaft — there were rattlesnakes slithering all around him.

He managed to kill three of the serpents during the 48 hours he was there, all while screaming for help.

Waddell had a deal with his friend Terry Schrader, to come look for him if he wasn't back by Tuesday. Schrader drove to the shaft Wednesday, and immediately heard Waddell hollering for help.

He called deputies, and a rescue team eventually managed to pull the man out to safety some six hours later. Despite broken bones and severe dehydration, Waddell's injuries weren't life-threatening.

Still, the chap is lucky to be alive.
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