Man in China gets drunk and beat the crap out of his wife over divorce issue

A woman’s terrifying experience of domestic abuse has been shared widely on the Chinese internet.


NSFW    The story of one woman’s horrific experience with domestic violence has been going viral on the Chinese internet. A popular dancer from China named Yeh was the victim of a vicious beating by her ex-husband, but she never reported the crime to police despite her serious injuries.

Yeh’s friends decided to post her story online out of frustration that her abusive ex has escaped justice. Yeh and her husband were splitting up, but decided to continue living together for the sake of their child.

However, one day, while arguing over the terms of their divorce, her drunken husband flew into a rage and began to savagely assault Yeh. “He kicked me in my face, he kicked me in my body. He punched me in the face and everywhere. Thank god my son’s nanny showed up and came to the rescue.”

Yeh’s ex said he’s sorry and he only beat Yeh because he was drunk. So you can just beat a woman 12 different ways because you’re drunk? Oh! What a convenient excuse. I guess that makes it alright then.

Yeh’s friends posted her sad story online, but wouldn't it make more sense if you report it to the police than report it to the internet? In any case, we hope things end well for these two love birds.
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