Man forced mail order bride to be his sex slave, wouldn't take no for an answer

A mail order bride from China was caught in a desperate situation when her Taiwanese husband coerced her to have sex or else he would divorce her.


NSFW    Chen is a Mail-Order-Bride from China, bought by a man in Taiwan. Mail-order-brides in Taiwan don’t really have a say in the running of their house. For a cash payment and a marriage visa, their husbands expect a pliant, traditional woman who will do as told, and Chen was okay with that for the most part.

Except her husband’s insatiable appetite for sex left Chen exhausted and terrified, but if she were to refuse, her husband would threaten her with divorce. Chen’s husband was constantly asking for sex, and she okay with this on the normal days. But when she was on her period, her husband would force her to accept anal sex. Chen knew she had to do something to get out of this situation.

Most people end up on secret sex tapes unwillingly, but not for Chen. She setup a hidden camera on a night she knew her husband wouldn’t take no for an answer. Even when she refused and resisted, the camera caught Chen’s husband raping her.

Even after the rape, Chen’s husband still filed for divorce. But, presented with the recorded evidence, the regional court ruled in favor of Chen and overruled her husband’s petition for divorce.
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