Maine man shot dead by his own home booby trap

A man in Maine was killed on Thanksgiving night by the same booby trap he set up to protect his home.


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VAN BUREN, MAINE — A man in Maine lost his life after getting shot by his own home booby trap.

According to the Van Buren Police Department, Ronald Cyr called 911 on Thanksgiving night saying he'd been shot.

The cops who arrived at his home to provide medical assistance discovered that the front door had been rigged with a homemade booby trap.

65-year-old Cyr had apparently designed it so a handgun would fire should anyone try and enter the door, which a friend later said was because he had been "robbed too many times."

Problem is, Cyr then unintentionally triggered the device and ended up getting shot himself, according to the police investigation.

He was taken to the hospital, but ended up succumbing to his injuries.

Police later found other unknown devices inside the home, which prompted them to contact the state bomb squad.

The Washington Post reports that although Maine law allows the use of deadly force against home intruders in certain cases, it's illegal to use booby traps to defend property.
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