Ludacris disses Drake, Big Sean over hashtag rap


NSFW    Ludacris spits some harsh words in Bada Boom. Though
Ludacris doesn't name names, he's clearly dissing Drake and Big Sean.

In 2010, Drake and Big Sean accused Ludacris of stealing their Supa Dupa punchline flow and using it poorly in My Chick Bad.

What is 'Supa Dupa' punch line flow? It's when rappers drop the "like" or "as" from their similes and metaphors.

Big Sean helped to popularize punch line flow in Supa Dupa, which makes liberal use of the dropped "like" or "as".

Drake is also a big practitioner of punchline flow.

Of course, Big Sean didn't invent this style. It's also known as hashtag rap, a term coined by frequent Twitter user Kanye.

But now that Ludacris has dissed Drake and Big Sean, will friends Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne join this beef?

Can't we all just get along -- Rodney King?
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