Lobsterman rescued: rubber boots saved his life


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A lobsterman was rescued Wednesday after falling off his boat and spending 12 hours in the ocean, clung to his boots, 43 miles south of Montauk, New York.

According to reports, Jonathan Aldridge was on his 44-foot lobster vessel Anna Mary. At around 3 am he moved a cooler to the back of the boat but the handle broke off. He lost his balance and fell into the ocean. Aldridge managed to stay afloat by putting his arms over his upside-down rubber boots.

After a colleague sounded the alarm, Coast Guard crews from across New England coordinated to search more than 780 square miles of ocean.

After some time in the water, the sight of dolphins swimming past gave Albridge hope of being rescued, he told local media in an interview.

“I was like, ‘There is no way I’m dying this way. This is how I gotta go? No way,’” he said according to NBC News.

At around 3 pm, a Coast Guard helicopter spotted him about 43 miles south of Montauk.

Aldridge was plucked from the ocean, about 12 hours after the accident occurred. He was released from the hospital Thursday with sunburn, a sore throat and pain under his arms from clutching his boots for so long.
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