Jordan Ramos dance on the bar: REJECTED!


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Plus-sized Iowa college student Jordan Ramos is rallying against what she describes as size discrimination. Jordan Ramos, a 21-year-old University of Iowa student, is crying foul after Union Bar in Iowa City, Iowa refused to let her dance up on a platform with the rest of her friends.

The problems first started on March 3, when the college girl went out with a group of friends and tried to go up on a platform to dance but was told it was too crammed. When she tried to go up again later, the bouncer said she'd never be able to go up on the platform and to go back to the dance floor where she belonged.

After attempting to complain to the manager Ramos and a friend were kicked out. A social work professor suggested Ramos go back again to see if the altercation would happen again. So in mid-April she did.

According to Ramos, the bar told her she couldn't dance on the platform because she was "not pretty enough," and "pregnant." Ramos is not pregnant. She is now staging a rally against Union Bar in order to "I am looking to raise awareness and get people talking about the issue of size discrimination," she told The Daily Iowan.
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