Jew hating Elmo ejected from Central Park for anti semitic rant


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An anti-semetic New York City Elmo impersonator was ejected from Central Park this week. The "Jew Hating Elmo in Central Park" YouTube clip, showing a belligerent Elmo yelling anti-jewish comments at bystanders, went viral after being posted.

So, next time you want to give cute and cuddly Elmo a hug, you should probably think twice. Although stories of this Evil Elmo are quickly gaining popularity, this isn't his first offense. The unidentified man has been seen all over Midtown Manhattan for years, harassing people for money and making racist and anti-semitic remarks.

The YouTube video shows a man yelling, "I'm not making money because the jewish costume company is harassing me. That's why I'm doing it." He goes on to tell people to read about "The International Jew," a piece of anti-semitic literature penned by Henry Ford.

If you want to talk to this Evil Elmo, you'll have to go to the Metropolitan Hospital Center, where he was taken for a psychological evaluation.

Other Elmo impersonators are hoping that the nasty Elmo's arrest will restore faith in the Elmo Impersonator profession.
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