Jersey cop seen smashing woman in the head for underage drinking

A Jersey cop thought the best way to handle a case of underage drinking was to beat the 20-year-old woman on the head at the beach.


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WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY — A Jersey police officer was caught on camera getting into a violent altercation with a suspected 20-year-old underage female drinker.

The two Wildwood cops involved in the incident have been put on desk duty until an internal investigation can be completed, according to The Inquirer.
Footage of the arrest went viral over the weekend, and shows a Wildwood officer punching 20-year-old Emily Weinman of Philadelphia twice, once in the head and another in the neck.

Then for fun the officer decided to put the woman in a chokehold. And why not? Weinman was busted by the po po for underage drinking.

Weinman is facing a count of aggravated assault on an officer and being a minor in possession of alcohol.
According to Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr, the police will soon release body camera footage of Weinman insulting and spitting on the po po.
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