Jeb Bush's gun Tweet backfires and instantly becomes Internet meme

The Internet had a field day after the Republican candidate's official Twitter feed posted a pic of a gun inscribed with Jeb Bush's name and the caption 'America.'


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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — Once considered a shoo-in for the Republican Presidential nomination, former Florida governor Jeb Bush's lacklustre campaign has seen him come in behind Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Marco Rubio and even John Kasich in the early primaries, with the trend continuing ahead of South Carolina.

In an attempt to give his campaign a leg up, Bush has been been relying on his family, bringing in his mother and brother in recent weeks to stump for him on the campaign trail.

But his campaign was in the headlines for the wrong reasons on Tuesday after a picture of his gun with the caption "America" appeared on his official Twitter feed.

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What most people interpreted as his support for gun ownership, quickly became an Internet meme, with everyone to ripping Bush with their own versions of his Tweet.

Many posted a single image that makes them think of America while others took the opportunity to make the case for gun control.

Eagle-eyed Tweeter Blake Hounshell noted that Jeb's gun was not even American. Another noted that not everyone in America is pro gun.

Some even feared a more cryptic message, and that perhaps that Jeb was so depressed by his up-to-now disappointing campaign that he may even be considering ending it all.

Election observers suggested that perhaps Jeb was trying to out-Trump Trump, by being controversial, a claim later denied by Bush, who said that the offending post was merely a tribute to coincide with his visit to South Carolina gun maker FN Manufacturing.
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush's so-far lackluster campaign has seen him fall behind rivals. REUTERS
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush's so-far lackluster campaign has seen him fall behind rivals. REUTERS
A post on Tuesday showing a gun inscribed with Bush's name and the caption "America" quickly sparked an Internet frenzy. [email protected]
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