Japan Airlines unveils seat map to avoid annoying crying babies

Now if they can only unveil a seat map to avoid sitting next to fat people.


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THE FRIENDLY SKIES — Japan Airlines has announced a new online booking option that everyone can get onboard with—a tool that lets you see where the little screaming ones will be seated.
According to the Guardian, when passengers with mini-mees between eight days and two years old reserve seats, a child icon automatically shows up on the seat plan.
This allows people that would rather not have to listen to the oh-so-pleasant sounds of a crying kid blasting into their ear for an entire long-haul flight the option to get as far away as possible.

The Guardian reported that JAL was also quick to mention that the new god-sent option did not guarantee passengers would be totally out of earshot.
Japan Airlines website also said the icon won't show for customers that book their flight through a third party or if they are part of a tour group, or if there's a last-minute change of aircraft.
All Nippon Airways has also been offering the whaling wee ones seating plan for a while now.
Reaction on social media was predictable from those praising the move to others outraged and shocked.
Anyways, when are they going to release the seating plan to see where all the large people are sitting?
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