ISIS executed more than 200 captured Syrian soldiers. Here's the video

It may get worse before it gets better. Islamic State (formerly ISIS) just committed another mass murder in Syria. They’re now pushing toward Lebanon.


NSFW    A spokesperson for activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said dozens of soldiers had been killed. Islamic State militants claimed on Twitter the soldiers were captured retreating from Tabqa airbase which fell to the Islamic State on Sunday. I.S. boasted that the true number of murdered Syrians exceeds 200.

The video, which has not been verified, shows the men, stripped to their underwear, forced to march through the desert.

Additional, extremely graphic, footage available on Liveleak, appears to show the same soldiers laid out on their stomachs side by side. Dozens of masked men then use automatic weapons to fire into the assembled prisoners, killing them.

The propaganda footage ends with a slow pan across scores of dead bodies.

Meanwhile, the jihadist state is pushing toward Lebanon. At least one Lebanese soldier was killed during fighting near the Syria-Lebanon border yesterday.

The United States is reportedly in the early stages of pulling together a coalition of nations willing to participate stepped-up airstrikes on Islamic State positions.
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