Is Rockstar's new game a Red Dead cash grab?

Will GTA publisher's new game be heavily geared toward microtransactions?


NSFW    LOS SANTOS — Gamers are worried one of this years most anticipated games will follow a controversial gaming model called termed "Pay to win".

Pay-to-win is controversial because it enables gamers to use real world cheddar to progress quickly in games and get ahead of others who are playing the game as normal.

Red Dead Redemption 2, due out this fall, looks good, but as YouTuber Worth a Buy noted earlier this month, the game's single player and online multiplayer seem to follow a pay-to-win model.

Red Dead 2 developer Rockstar Games also makes the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA5 has a fun online multiplayer, but players can also use real world money to get ahead in it.

Some fans view this as a cash-grab, baiting players with expedited access to content they should earn. Others, apparently, seem to enjoy this model and are OK with it. According to GameDebate,com GTA5 has made Rockstar over half-a-billion dollars since 2013.

As WorthABuy notes, Red Dead 2 will feature several editions, priced all the way up to $100. Playstation players will also get access to some exclusive content first, ahead of other platforms, reports GameSpot.
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