Ironman who broke neck planning on running Boston Marathon

Good luck.


NSFW    BOSTON — The world's fastest Ironman, who experienced a hangman's fracture in his neck just six months ago, is planning to compete in the Boston Marathon.

On October 11, 2017, triathlete and marathon runner Tim Don was involved in an accident when a vehicle turning into a gas station struck him in the side, according to the New York Times.

Don experienced a hangman's fracture, a broken C2 vertebra.

In order to keep competing, Don elected to have a halo put on. With a halo, titanium pins are screwed into the skull, two in front and two in back and then attached to metal bars, which are connected to a bust that must be worn for three months.

Training in the halo has been extremely painful for Don. He's worked on strengthening his core and lower body. He was also able to train on an exercise bike as long as he did not lean forward to overload his neck.

Don says he expects to finish the marathon in around 2 hours and 50 minutes.
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