iPhone, iPad maker Terry Gou has an image problem


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Terry Gou is the head of Foxconn, the Taiwanese company whose factories assemble 40 percent of the world's consumer electronics and is the major supplier of the iPhone and iPad. Foxconn is also famous for 18 suicide attempts by workers in 2010, which gave rise to reports of military-style management and sweatshop work conditions at its factories in China.

Obviously, Terry Gou has an image problem. It bothers him because it potentially affects his bottom line, which is probably why he lashed out at a bunch of American businessmen during an American Chamber of Commerce meeting in Taipei last month. A few days later, he compared his workers to animals during a company event held at the Taipei Zoo.

From an article in the Want China Times:

"Hon Hai [Foxconn's parent company] has a workforce of over one million worldwide and as human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache," said Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou at a recent year-end party, adding that he wants to learn from Chin Shih-chien, director of Taipei Zoo, regarding how animals should be managed.

Who is Terry Gou? Watch this animation and find our more about the CEO whose "personal hero" is Genghis Khan.
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