iPhone 6 pre-orders available in Hong Kong, fanboys begin salivating

Get to the choppa! Hong Kong now accepting iPhone 6 preorders! But remember to bring US$1,000.


NSFW    If you’re a diehard Apple fan, September 9th is the date to watch. The company has announced that’s when they’ll reveal the new iPhone 6.

Time to prep for an overnight lineup and warm up your fingers to slam the f5 key repeatedly.

And if you’re lucky enough to live in Hong Kong, you may get a sneak peek. Local suppliers have reportedly begun presales of the new phone.

The new iPhone 6 is said to have two sizes. A 4.7 inch model is expected to go for US$860 and a 5.5 inch version is said to be priced at US$1,024.

Holy Cow! US$1,000 for a god damn phone?! This phone better come with Scarlet Johansson's number!

Apply has not yet confirmed that price… but since everything is made in China anyways, we have reason to believe them.

Stay tuned for more updates on the iPhone 6.
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