Iowa teen uses Siri to call for help after car plunges into icy river

A teen in Iowa has Siri to thank for getting him rescued after he drove his car into a river.


NSFW    MASON CITY, IOWA — An Iowa man was saved from an icy demise after using Siri to call for help.

According to KIMT, Gael Salcedo was driving to class when his Jeep hit a frozen patch on the road. He turned right, and ended up plunging into the freezing Winnebago River.

When the 18-year-old realized his car was in the river, he quickly rolled the windows down for fear that the vehicle would sink.

He also couldn't find his iPhone, but thank god for voice assistants.

Salcedo only had to call out "Hey Siri, call 911" for Siri to come through and call for help...and help him find his phone.

Mason City firefighters arrived soon after, approaching from the passenger's side because the strong river current was pinning the driver's door shut. They had not so great news for Gael though: he'd have to walk out.

So walk out he did — in the freezing cold of the river, while struggling against the current. It was an ordeal, for sure, but with the help of the firefighters, he made it back to land and into an ambulance.

Salcedo was treated for shock at the hospital but was released just three hours later.
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