Innocent Oregon man locked up for 900 days committed no crime

Benito Vasquez-Hernandez has been in Washington County jail for 900 days despite not being accused of any crime.


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Benito Vasquez-Hernandez has been in Oregon's Washington County jail for 900 days despite being innocent of any crime.

His son, Eloy Vasquez-Santiago, stabbed Maria Bolanos-Rivera, a woman he worked with at a berry packing company, after she insulted him.

Vasquez-Hernandez and Eloy's brother, Moises Vasquez-Santiago, admitted to seeing blood in Eloy's minivan and Vasquez-Hernandez also saw Eloy hide the murder weapon.

Vasquez-Hernandez and Moises were arrested in 2012 as witnesses to the murder case. Upon hearing about their arrest, Eloy turned himself in and pleaded for his father's and brother's release.

Prosecutors refused to release the two men though, claiming that their witness testimonies are essential to their case.The bail, set at $500,000 each, was an amount that neither man could afford.

Moises, who is said to have developed schizophrenia while incarcerated, was released after 727 days in custody. The 59-year-old Vasquez-Hernandez remains in jail after 900 days.
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