Inebriated man busts jet door, delays flight in Thailand

Nobody is smiling on this Thai Smile flight


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Thailand — A "crazed" flier tore the emergency door right off the hinges moments before an airplane's scheduled takeoff, according to the Bangkok Post.

A drunk bubba ripped open the emergency exit of an Airbus A320 in Thailand on Thursday in a desperate bid to do we don't know what.

Fox News reports that other passengers saw a foreign male "explode in a bizarre outburst" on the Chiang Mai to Bangkok flight on Thursday afternoon.

The unnamed man then ran down to the emergency exit over the left wing and proceeded to brute force the thing, Fox News cites the airline as saying.

Did we say that the plane was just about to take off? Because it was.

The man popped the door clean off the cabin wall in a stupendous display of, well, stupid strength, causing the emergency slide to inflate and 86 sober passengers to scream in terrified chorus.

Thai police tackled the maniac and dragged him off the plane, but his antics delayed flight for an hour and caused over $19,700 property damage.

The Bangkok Post reports that Thailand's aviation authorities have yet to identify the motive behind the insane escapade.
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