India tiger searches for prey, mate in longest walk ever

A tiger in India has embarked on the longest walk ever in its search for prey and a mate.


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ALL OVER INDIA — A tiger in India has gone on the longest walk ever, logging in over 1,300 kilometers in just five months.

According to the BBC, the two-and-a-half-year-old male was fitted with a radio collar, and has been on the move since it left its home in a wildlife sanctuary in June.

The tiger, called C1, travelled around the western state of Maharashtra, walking back and forth over farms, waterways, and highways. At one point, it even popped into the neighboring state.

It hides during the day and comes out at night, and has been surviving on wild pigs and cattle. Experts believe it's likely on the lookout for territory, food, and a mate. But since most of the potential tiger areas have no vacancy, it's had to explore a heckuva lot more.

Most humans in the area are oblivious that a big striped cat has been schlepping around. And except for accidentally injuring one man who came across it, there's been no serious conflict.

Still, wildlife officials say C1 needs to be recaptured and relocated to the forest to avoid any other accidents. There's also a chance they'll lose contact soon, since the battery on the collar is down to 20%.

So really, who knows until when we'll all be privy to the giant cat's journey?
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