How China is Destroying the World's Coral Reefs

Chinese poaching boats sail far away from China to cause massive damage to fragile coral reefs


NSFW    SPRATLY ISLANDS, SOUTH CHINA SEA — A lot has been said about the damage being done by Chinese poaching boats to the important and very fragile coral reefs of the South China Sea. But seeing how the destruction is caused, is truly shocking.

According to news reports by the BBC, Bloomberg, and the AMTI, THIS is how Chinese poachers who target giant clams are destroying fish-feeding coral reefs close to the Philippines.

This is happening in waters far from China — waters that the UN says belongs to the Philippines.

Under protection of the Chinese Navy, Chinese poaching boats would sail right up to the coast of the Philippines and start to do their destructive work.

They can be this brazen because China simply claims most of the South China Sea for itself, and it meets all competition with intimidation and aggression.

To get to the giant clams, the poachers would anchor small boats over the fragile reefs, stick their long screw shafts right into the soft coral, and then rev their engines hard, completely shredding the coral into pieces.

This is being done on a large scale, and the effect on the coral reef has been devastating. Where miles of vibrant, fish-feeding coral used to be, there is now only miles of dead, grey nothingness.
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