Hong Kong protester destroys policeman with flying kick

These protesters are fighting for democracy.


NSFW    HONG KONG — A fearless Hong Kong protester was filmed unleashing a massive flying kick on a riot police officer in order to save his friends from getting arrested by the pro-China authorities.
According to the Hong Kong Free Press, the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon outside the Mong Kok Grand Plaza.
The clip starts out with a police officer in full riot gear kicking and grabbing one protester so that he can arrest him. A second protester can be seen trying to help his friend get away.
That's when from out of nowhere, a third protester enters the picture and unloads a flying kick to end all flying kicks right into the cop's chest.
The Hong Kong movie style kick sends the officer reeling back about 10 feet before he embarrassingly eats it.
A struggle then ensues between the first two protesters and the disgraced copper with a few blows being exchanged.
The protesters then run off, while the cop gets back up. The police officer takes a few steps like he's about to give chase, but then has second thoughts and turns around and does the walk of shame in retreat.
According to the BBC, several peaceful protests in Hong Kong on Sunday got a bit out of hand between protesters and riot police.
The BBC reported that public transport stations and shops deemed to be pro-Beijing were damaged.
Police said they used "minimum force" to disperse protesters, which means the force was anything but minimum.
Anti-China protests have been raging in Hong Kong since June. More than 2,300 people have been arrested since the protests began.
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